Case Study: Justin Hamilton Online Presence

Our relationship with Hammo, and yes we are very familiar indeed, goes back to 2005 or thereabouts.

That was the year in which Justin first asked us to take a shot at putting together some ideas for his then very non existent website.

While nothing came of that initial foray, cue forward four or so years and the stars and so forth eventually aligned: we launched the very first iteration of Justin’s site in 2009.

2010 saws us helping out with art direction for the very well received ‘Idiot Man Child’ show.

Then, late last year , in a daring bid for internet ubiquity, Justin came to us with a concept for an audacious concept for his 2011 effort, ‘Circular’, the eventual product of which was a companion web app, possibly a global comedic first, which expanded and commented on the material in the show.

Further to this, we’ve recently helped out with art direction for his popular podcast Can You Take This Photo Please?, and knocked together a range of promotional materials for this year’s Comedy Festival Road Show, making Mr. Hamilton Australia’s most progressive purveyor of digital mirth.

Blaster United make the internet easy for the uneducated and progressive for those who don’t deserve it to be. Imagine slapping some make up on Grandma and then thinking you wouldn’t mind having a crack. That is the power of Blaster.
Justin Hamilton