Case Study: Music Industry

Blaster United have been heavily focused on the production of all manner of promotional materials for the music industry for several years.

From our design and gig photography work with indies like The Ransome Brothers, through concept work for the sadly defunct Rocket Science, and artwork production for former Ivy League upstarts Neon, we maintain a keen interest in all facets of image making for the music scene.

Of particularly satisfying note was our instrumental (pardon the pun) role in assembling and then producing the clip for the European release of Neon’s second single, ‘Hit Me Again’.

Recently, we also had the pleasure of helping The Cat Empire put together the Livelaunch of their newest album, ‘Cinema’, and gave their Myspace (remember those?) an overhaul in the process.

We’ve also helped veteran (she’s not that old) music journo Jenny Valentish put together her incredibly extensive writer’s folio site, putting together a custom CMS to organise her jaw dropping vault of material.

In addition, we’ve also contributed editorial artwork to music mags like Rolling Stone and Inpress, have contributed content to Mess and Noise and Jmag, and maintain an occasional studio Gigposters challenge, inspired by the site of the same name and dedicated to challenging ourselves with poster aesthetics that avoid the dictates of the printing and marketing process.

Like cosmic high priests of metal and art combined, Blaster United bring 
a sensibility to their work unparalleled in our dimension- history will remember you well 
if you take but one moment to have the boys improve your aesthetic.
Douglas Holgate, Illustrator