Ellie's List
February 21st, 2011
Case Study

Ellie’s List is a brand new online guide to Melbourne’s best eats from Breakfast Out and Age food critic Ellie Parker.


Breakfast Out food critic and Epicure contributor Ellie Parker came to us with a definite challenge earlier this year- she needed her new foodie blog, Ellie’s List, designed, developed and online within seven days, in order to capitalise on her association with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s 2011 site launch.

Never ones to back away from a challenge, we specced the site and came up with additional functionality, including location services and a mobile version for festival revellers. It was then down to the meticulous work of site mapping the extensive array of epnonymous lists, wireframing and designing a magazine style layout to suit the design savvy consumer.

With Ellie’s (blessedly fast) design approval, we were quickly into development, working with a custom WordPress CMS.

For more, check out the case study.